2018-06-05 12:37:49 | CharlieX

プレイヤーの成長に合わせてアイテムスタッツが変化する「Based on XP/Kills」には、今そのアイテムがどれくらいの成長段階なのかを相対的に示すバーゲージが追加される。
On the mobile version, the Based on XP/Kills attributes will have their bar gauges. You can know the relative value how long it takes the maximum with it.

Any Comment?

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おめでとうございます! 早速インストール中♪
@HKJerry What the game said? No room for talking here. Could you come join our Discord group and put the shot on it?
Why I cant pay for buying another character slot?
@Cesar Happy to hear from you again! Thank you.
@W33 You don't get all the keys yet. Find it on the 31 to 39 floors.


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