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iOS版 (App Store) / Android版 (Google Play)
  • 実施可能なイベントがあるときは、キャラクターがゲームワールドに入ったときにイベントカードが表示されます。既にイベント期間が終わっていたり、その日に実施可能なイベントがない場合は、カードは表示されません。
  • イベントはキャラクターごとにおこなうことができます。ただし実施可能なイベントは各キャラクターの到達フロアによって変わります。より上層に到達したキャラクターほど実施可能なイベントは多くなります。
  • 基本的に、イベントカードに書かれたフロアに入るとその段階でイベントは開始されます (一部例外あり)。
  • その日のイベントは1回だけしか行うことができません。イベントを開始した後に、途中でゲームを抜けたり、途中でフロアを移動したりすると、たとえそれをクリアしなくても、そこでイベントは終了となります。
  • イベントショップは、イベント期間中対象フロアにいますが、そのショップからアイテムをひとつでも購入して購入画面を閉じると、イベント終了となります。
  • 各イベントはそれぞれの独自ルールを持っていることがあります。もし失敗したら次回また挑戦しましょう。
  • ゲームオプション内に、最新イベントカードの通知を受け取るかどうかの設定項目があります。
  • 現在イベント数はまだ少ないですが、今後のアップデートで増やしていきます。

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There is the description of Event Cards which the game brought by the latest update.
iOS version on App Store / Android version on Goople Play
  • A card will be diaplayed if available to use when you enter the world. The expire date is about one day and it keeps until you start.
  • You can do the event per your character. The frequency of card displaying will depends on which floor you reached.
  • Basically, the event will begin when you entered the floor where written by the card.
  • You can do the event only one time. When you've began the event, it will disappear when you quit the game, when move the floor, or leave from the event vendor after bought one or more items, etc. even the event schedule is remain.
  • Each event might have each minor rule. Don't worry, you can learn it by your experience or to disscuss with other players.
  • You can turn on or off the notification for the latest event on the option panel.
  • More new events will add in the future!

    Any other updates below
  • Added expandable one more Character Slots. You can have 4 characters now.
  • Added 3 kind of splendid items. You can get it from random drop. In addition, the exchange of splendid item rule is now more strict. You never get any other type of items on it.
  • Added some new items that inclrde puppets.
  • Added -5 Walk Speed to Ring of Io.
  • Added a potion trader on the 20th floor. Exchange 3 Potions to 1 Greater Potion.
  • To long tap a puppet, you can see the attribute even while in use.
  • Fixed a problem that AxeMaster's Special Attack didn't hit when you moved after the attack.
  • Fixed a bug that grave mourner at the Grasslands takes all Vampir Heads.
  • Fixed a bug that the item viewer remains unless a chest exist.
  • Translated the player and item attributes and the tutorial for supported languages. Rewrote Russian language.
  • Increased the quarity of every characters for iOS.

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meh this game really isnt that good please go back to working on NineLives
Sorry,my bad. You are right.It's work fine on my other computer.
It's fine for me. Maybe your pc is too old to play or has no graphic card?
And I can only see Pic Ranger/Utal at Ashrun.

Pict Warrior/Pict Guard/Pict Shaman are disappear.

I download Ninelives Game Version 0.24.3 and play.
I found the monsters in Sunken Ruins are "invisible"
They can block my way and I can't kill they

Well, it requires Triglav 2 for the reason of game pack size :P Happy to hear that anyway.


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