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Ninelives公式サイトで、作場知生氏作のワールドマップとふたつのエリアマップのサポーターパックの販売を開始した。各原画は2048 x 2048ビクセルで描かれており、氏固有の細密な描写で地形はもちろん、棲息するクリーチャーたちや、街や村などのオブジェクトまで、こと細かに表現されている。
特に、数ヶ月間、実際にこの地を旅しながら (そして時々クリーチャーたちと戦ってはレアアイテムを拾いながら) 描き続けたContinental Highlandsの緻密さ正確さは凄まじく、これは近年の彼の最高傑作ではないかと思っている、個人的に。ぜひ実際にこの緻密さと楽しさを味わってほしい。
Let me introduce the game world map and the two area maps illustrated by SAKUBA Tomomi, an artist from Japan. The each original picture has been drawn by 2048 x 2048 pixels and has super high details. Especially, Contineltal Highlands is one of the epic work of him personaly. He played the game actually and hanging around every areas (and sometimes did some danger battles against scary creatures) and drew it like a real landscape painter.
Now we started to sell this illustration set as Alpha Supporter Pack on Ninelives official website.

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I love Ninelives and triglav so much, I hope that the update with both game can keep going! :( (Hong Kong people sign)
Release the source code please! :/ We want to continue this project and improve
Please re-upgrade triglav, you should not die this great game

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