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監督 作場知生氏によってつくられた1999年販売のPC用アドベンチャーゲームのリマスター版となります。SmokymonkeySはこのプロジェクトを発案し、作場知生氏監修のもとすべての移植と実装作業をおこないました。数多くのレベルデザインの改善にも携わっています。
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Our latest project "Garage: Bad Dream Adventure" for iOS, Android and Steam is out.
This is a remastered version of the 1999 PC adventure game directed by Sakuba Tomomi, and we SmokymonkeyS launched this project and developed all in-game content. We also involved to improving level design and quests.
There are new chapters and scenarios have been added, and other features such as a world map, a dialogue log, and achievements have been added to fit the current era, making it an enjoyable game for both the old and new players.
The game has English, Japanese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese.
iOS (App Store)
Android (Google Play)


SmokymonkeySとは、2名からなるインディチームです。 ゲームやその他作品を無所属で個人開発しています。
2002年 WebゲームTRIGLAVを公開。総勢50万アカウントを超える長寿ゲーム。
2015年 3DアクションRPG Ninelivesを開発。現在休止中。
2018年 TRIGLAV モバイル版をリリース。70万ダウンロード達成。
2021年 作場知生氏と共同開発したガラージュ 完全版をリリース。

SmokymonkeyS is a two-man indie team by a programmer and a graphic designer, formed for creating games.
Our 1st game TRIGLAV, a web RPG that has been made with JavaScript has passed over half a million accounts since launched 2002.
2015, Ninelives suspended the development after the alpha phase.
2018, released Triglav for Mobile. Reached 700 thousand download.
2021, released Garage: Bad Dream Adventure. Developed with Sakuba Tomomi.


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Please release Ninelives!
come back to work at ninelives
Send an email to me. The address is top-right of this website.
Excellent triglav game, but o haven't received a purchase of beetles, what can i do?
Ricado Smith
Maybe you can do a fundraising for continue development of Ninelives