2017-12-06 20:50:11 | CharlieX

Making a character and the basic movement system.

Any Comment?

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Amazing! I've been praying for an android port of Triglav for years!
I can't access to the website i don't know why i try on different pc's but nothing... Jakatak je veux bien de l'aide
Hello, bonjour,
@nezael, i am a french fan too, i can help you.
@nezael You can find the link in About Us section right bottom of this blog. You can create the account on the game.
Thank's for your answer where can i get it ? An account is needed? If yes where can i make one ? Love your work so much

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This deblog is reporting work in progress of SmokymonkeyS from Japan. We use Unity3D game engine.

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SmokymonkeyS is a two-man indie team by a programmer and a graphic designer, formed for creating games. Our 1st game TRIGLAV, a web RPG that has been made with JavaScript has made over half a million accounts since it launched 2002. On 2015, our 2nd game Ninelives suspended the development at Alpha stage.
On 2017, we started to launch the new game project called Modoki.