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作曲はカナダ人のJacob Lake氏。Ninelivesの頃から音楽をつくってもらっていて、知り合ったときは何と15歳だった。
ゲーム内では容量の関係から泣く泣く長さをカットしたり音質を下げたりしているので、フルバージョンをぜひ聴いてみてほしい。また彼のBandcamp上にあるTriglav Soundtracksからは、すべての曲の高音質マスター音源が購入できるので、もし気に入った曲があればぜひ買ってください。
Triglav Soundtrack: YouTube / Bandcamp

Triglav Soundtrack now available!
The composer Jacob Lake has a huge talent, and the most oldest composer for SmokymonkeyS games and he composed several music for Ninelives, etc.
On the game, we should cutout the music length or the quality to decreases the pack size, but you can listen full version music there. In addition, you can purchase Triglav Soundtracks that have original quality and length on his Bandcamp if you like the album or a song.
Triglav Soundtrack: YouTube / Bandcamp

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What about Triglav 2 in a new tower? Maybe with a new class too
Since the success on Triglav mobile(congrats!), I think it's about time to introduce the Ninelives to the fans. It would be great to see the Ninelives back in the development.
Finally got around to playing 9Lives for 1.5hrs. Really digging the world y'all made, the level design, and how alive Crimson Crest feels. Not gonna lie, almost drowned once. :P
It was a secure page and cannot archive.
https://discord.gg/uU7ERBQ may help you. I'm not the admin though.
Did the Wayback Machine archive the forum before it was closed? I'd only need the (now dead) link to check.
Had a forum but closed a while back. Someone created the Discord channel and it might help you.


SmokymonkeySとは、2名のアマチュアによって結成されたユニットです。 ゲームやその他作品を無所属で個人開発しています。
2002年 WebゲームTRIGLAVを公開。 現在も稼動中で総勢50万アカウントを超える長寿ゲーム。
2015年 3DアクションRPG Ninelivesを公開。現在開発休止中。
2017年 プロジェクト「Modoki」開始。
2018年 モバイル版 TRIGLAVリリース。

SmokymonkeyS is a two-man indie team by a programmer and a graphic designer, formed for creating games.
Our 1st game TRIGLAV, a web RPG that has been made with JavaScript has made over half a million accounts since it launched 2002.
On 2015, our 2nd game Ninelives suspended the development at Alpha stage.
On 2017, started to launch the new project called Modoki.
On 2018, Triglav for Mobile releasing.