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Happy to announce our next project here.
Now we are working hard on Garage: Bad Dream Adventure. This is an adventure game that made by Sakuba Tomomi and published in 1999 for a PC game.

The release of this game was limited to 3000 copies and almost people couldn't obtain or play. This is the strong reason why we remaster this game. Our team - Sakuba Tomomi and SmokymonkeyS is remastering this for the mobile platform.

The game is still under development and doing a crowdfunding within Japan now. The game is develop with multi-language and we will announce the detail in English soon. Wait until that with fun!


SmokymonkeySとは、2名からなるインディチームです。 ゲームやその他作品を無所属で個人開発しています。
2002年 WebゲームTRIGLAVを公開。 現在も稼動中で総勢50万アカウントを超える長寿ゲーム。
2015年 3DアクションRPG Ninelivesを公開。現在開発休止中。
2018年 モバイル版 TRIGLAVリリース。50万ダウンロード達成。
2020年 ガラージュ完全版作場知生氏とともに開発中。

SmokymonkeyS is a two-man indie team by a programmer and a graphic designer, formed for creating games.
Our 1st game TRIGLAV, a web RPG that has been made with JavaScript has made over half a million accounts since launched 2002.
On 2015, our 2nd game Ninelives suspended the development at the Alpha stage.
On 2018, Triglav for Mobile releasing. Reached a half half a million downloaded.
On 2020, Began a new project Garage for mobile with Sakuba Tomomi.


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@Teddy No problem, Garage is not a horror game. This is pure adventure type game and the characters look scary at first, but I bet you should feel they're lovely eventually ;)
Lethal Joe
I demand Ninilives
Hello, i am a little fans from Hong Kong, Are you guys new project: GARAGE, is a horror game? I am a bit scared about this coz i am not really a big fan on horror game XD

Btw, i really looking forward you guys can keep up update on NINELIVE coz its a such a great game. Thank you!
曲名はAlong Cliffsidesといいます。調べてみたのですがどうもこの曲は未公開みたいです、すいません。まさに草原地帯のためにつくってもらった曲です。
Triglavのgrass landの曲はどこかで購入できますか?Original Soundtrackには含まれていないように思います。
Your design skills are incredible.
Triglav Mobile is the best idea and the best game ever. I have been playing Triglav since secondary school and now as a father to two kids, I am still playing! Keep it up and continue this game for decades more to come.